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The desired outcome of any commercial real estate transaction is simple, to maximize your return on investment. Discerningly acquired by both investors and end-users to serve a particular purpose, we believe that commercial real estate is the back-bone of the modern American Economy. The successful modern Commercial RE brokerage is well-connected to key players, in the know of upcoming developments, and unrivaled in mastering new technology. Meet the Classen Realty Group.

Our Approach

Anything worth doing, is worth doing well. Additionally, a job well-done, deserves to be replicated. At the Classen Realty Group we believe in the power of systems and checklists. Our Team’s common passion aside from Real Estate, is General Aviation. With the influence of having a Pilot on board our team, comes the discipline and expected results of adhering to a checklist, specifically when it comes to our Client’s hard-earned dollars. Whether we’re writing an offer, vetting a potential Buyer, or reviewing plans before going into the next P&Z Meeting, your interests will be represented with the intensity and precision of a pre-flight checklist.

Commercial Real Estate and Development is a team sport. From Brokers to Civil Engineers, Surveyors to Attorneys, Utility Contractors to Lenders, Architects to Title Companies, navigating a transaction to the closing table requires an array of specialized Players. We know these players and they know the Classen Realty Group. Allow us to introduce you to our team.

We are based out of Hays County, one of the fastest growing Counties in the United States. The thriving Interstate 35 Corridor between Austin and San Antonio is a direct reflection of investor confidence and a favorable business environment. Our intimate knowledge of inbound companies, new projects, and horizontal development allow us to better position our Clients to benefit from area growth.

While all of our relationships are established through face-to-face interaction, the leverage that technology provides to the real estate industry is both exciting and constantly evolving. Whether we’re running a retail report to compare multiple sites, creating a professional marketing video, or sending our latest listing to over a dozen online platforms, we are committed to not only utilizing but staying current with the latest technology.

Seller Representation

As an Owner, the sale of an asset is one of the most important and profitable aspects of a Transaction. Timely communication, a comprehensive understanding of the property being offered, and a top-of-the-line Marketing Campaign are all pillars of a successful Sale. The Classen Realty Group sets this Standard and is committed to excellence from Listing-to-Contract and Contract-to-Close. Our differentiating factor is the in-depth “Due Diligence” that we employ as part of our Marketing Campaign. We research each property to identify its highest and best use, consult with Planning & Zoning Officials to determine project viability and requirements, and showcase our findings in our Marketing Packages to potential Buyers. These time-intensive efforts on the front-end of the transaction mitigate surprises found during the Buyer’s Feasibility Period, resulting in much higher closing percentages. Give us a call to find out how we can best position your asset in the marketplace.

Buyer Representation

Whether purchasing land to develop or an existing building, the first step of a purchase is to determine a Buyer Client’s individual goals and specific criteria for a property. It is only after listening and internalizing our Client’s Needs that we filter through available properties to find the ideal Property. As a Buyer of Commercial Real Estate, the Feasibility Period is the most critical part of a transaction. While the term, Caveat Emptor (Let the Buyer Beware), is frequently used to caution Buyer’s that they are responsible for their own research prior to purchasing a property. The Classen Realty Group far exceeds the typical duties provided by other Brokers. From securing an Engineering Firm, meeting with City Officials, to ordering Environmental Studies, our thorough checklist and experienced team is committed to looking after your best interests to ensure that your next acquisition is a sound and profitable investment. Let’s talk about your decision to invest in commercial real estate.